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Are you seeking a cleaning role in Melbourne? Think about aligning yourself with the leading cleaning company in Victoria. We're known for our superb pay scale, continuous skill-enhancement programs for our workers, special recognition for high achievers, a friendly and supportive team, and guaranteed long-term job stability.

We're proud to offer a variety of job openings that cater to individuals in all sorts of situations. If you wish to retain your self-employment status, consider enlisting as a Contractor with us. This position allows you to work at your own pace, be remunerated on a job-to-job basis and have the potential to earn $29 to $43 per hour or more!

As a Contractor, you are expected to provide your own equipment, supplies, and transport, while enjoying the liberty to set your own working hours and the option to work for other firms.

If you're newer to the field or don't own cleaning materials and equipment, you can apply as a Casual Employee. We will ensure you're not left behind by providing training and a top-tier cleaning kit valued close to $900. 

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We are always looking for dedicated individuals to join our broad team of Cleaners and Gardeners

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As a cleaner, you need to have reliable car for equipments transportation pursposes.Do you have a reliable transport?

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